pir motion detector

PIR motion detector

  • Using forward Rolling encryption transmission, circulates every 8 million times;
  • Low-voltage and remained power volume indicating;
  • Transmission range: > 100m;
  • Detection range: > 7m;

Door/Window Contact

  • Bi-directional detection of door open/close status;
  • Low-voltage and remained power volume indicating;
  • Anti tamper function;
  • SOS emergency button;
rfid or lcd touch keypad

RFID/Touch Keypad

  • Bi-directional Arm/Disarm function;
  • Password input with anti-peeping function;
  • Adopt 2-level management: Administrator with 6 digits and normal user with 4 digits;
  • Can connect with electric door lock;

Strobe Siren

  • Unplugged and Solar-Powered. Completely wireless connection and easy operation.
  • US Sunpower panel which can make the transform rate above 24%.
  • Built-in Lithium battery can work constantly for 25 cloudy days.
  • Built-in 1,000,000 set of RF wireless code, safe and reliable.
gsm solar siren

Smoke/Gas detector

  • Adopted MCU auto-processing technology for high stability.
  • Use high performance specialized smoke alarm IC.
  • Built-in infrared photoelectric sensor.
  • Sound & flash alarm /LED indicator.


  • Work Voltage: DC12V
  • Static Current: 10mA
  • Work current: 180mA
  • Receive distance: 100m
  • Transmit distance: 500m
signal booster

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