Excellent Craft

Developed and designed just for you

Unlike traditional alarm system that are bulky and require professional installers to set up, C5 is an elegantly powerful alarm system that is very easy to use: all it needs is a SIM card, and it can be fired up via an SMS text message or Smartphone App command.

Smart Home Kits All-in-one

Developed and designed just for you

We design brand-new Remotes ( Key Fob ) ,PIR motion detection sensor ,Door contact ,Window contact ,Mini Strobe Siren, separate LCD keypad and RFID keypad  to bundle with Alarm panel to completely perform your home security ,for your peace of mind .

smart alarm c5 panel

Excellent Craft

Developed and designed just for you

C5 has a very simple menu display to follow when configuration, no need to refer to manual and very fast to finish installation .its touch keypad is so easy to understand .also ,7 languages supported for the menu display .

24 Hours Battery Life

Powerful with the amazing energy-saving tech.

 Traditional alarm panel can only last 6-8 hours if without extra power supply , and we develop an energy-saving tech to make the backup battery last up to 24 hours .and this is a must for home security when in emergency .

Scan to pairing

no complex code, easy setup.

SMS Forward

receive phone bill or other important messages.

Temperature SOS

trigger alarm when surrounding temperature rapidly changed.

Ready to Arm

trigger a warning when setting ARM & HOME ARM while doors or windows are still open.

  • Simplistic in Design Standing & Breathing at Ease Full Protection in Disguise

smart socket

Smart Socket

Developed and designed just for you

We extend the alarm system to be supporting Smart Socket ( Power Socket ) to activate /deactivate home appliances , also can set various conditions to be followed .

Home in Phone

What you really care about is right in your pocket.
Don’t have to learn, just use it.


To support multiple languages

Standby current ≤60mA
Alarm current ≤300mA
Power supply DC 5V
Working temperature -10°C~ +85°C
GSM frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz quad-band
Receiving code ASK/FSK
Transmission Frequency (RF) 315/433/868MHZ±0.5MHZ
Transmission distance 100 M
Wireless detectors 99
  • A Smarter Way to Protect Your Home & Family.

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